Hotjar – Website User Analytics & Heat Maps

Hotjar is designed to let you analyse in great depth the behaviour of your website visitors. Which pages do they visit, what do they do on those pages and where do they usually “drop off” and leave the site?

This kind of analysis makes perfect sense for any website owner who spends time, effort and often lots of money in generating traffic to their website only to find that that traffic doesn’t actually result in more sales being made.

There are a number of tools in the Hotjar toolkit but by far the most important one for most people would be the heatmap facility.

Hotjar website heatmaps

The above image shows a heatmap for a webpage with the areas most visited being in red. Using this you can see where adjustments to your site could result in big improvements.

Hotjar lets you record the visits of individual users and see at a detailed level exactly what that visitor looked and and did on the site. Their journey on your site can then be played back on demand.

Other facilities include Funnel Analysis which lets you discover who some people don’t make it to your checkout page and From Analysis which helps you to make improvements to your forms based on user interaction.

All in all I think that Hotjar is a truly useful package for website owners who want to get the maximum number of conversions from site visitors.

There’s a basic, free account available and the paid plans come in at €29 for a plus account and €89 for the top of range business plan.


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Webpage heatmap tool
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