If you want a powerful yet easy to use ebook creation package, get Designrr.

If you want much more than ebook creation, still get Designrr

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Why? Because Designrr is much more than a simple ebook creation platform.

Creating an ebook is a good idea for many reasons. Having a book to your name, or your businesses’ name, can give authority to you and/or your business and make people feel more comfortable about dealing with you.

Secondly, e-books are a great way to attract people to your website and build up a rapport with them once they’re there. Give away a well-written and informative e-book for free and the recipient is much more likely to deal with you in the future – this kind of “freebie” is often referred to as a “lead magnet” and is a tried and tested way to generate leads and build a marketing pipeline or “funnel” for your business.

Up until now however there have been two major hurdles preventing most businesses from taking advantage of this powerful marketing tool:

  1. Writing the content for the ebook.
  2. Getting the ebook designed and formatted correctly.

eBook Creation just got a whole lot easier – with Designrr

Designrr takes content directly from Websites, including social Media sites like Facebook, blog posts, or from packages such as Microsoft Word, and reformats it into a stylish, beautifully designed pdf ebook ready for you to use as a lead magnet in order to grow your marketing list. When importing from a webpage Designrr will ignore all unwanted elements such as menus, ads etc.

Designrr is a powerful content repurposing tool that not only creates ebooks, but also creates blog posts, brochures, guides and so on. Any of these can be produced from various different content sources. Designrr also offers a very powerful solution to enable you to repurpose video and audio content into ebooks and blog posts within a few minutes.

Designrr ebbok creationOnce you have the “raw” content in Designrr and you have reviewed the initial draft, it is time to unleash the real power of Designrr.

First, Choose a template. Then add any iages that you might want, (Designrr includes a copyright free image search function or you can of course upload your own). Next, you can Change font styles, the cover, headers and foots and finally add a call to action – a response form to enable your readers to find out more, subscribe, buy something etc – to suit your own business model.

Once completed, you can use the e-books you create with Designrr to:

  • Drive traffic from slideshare and other pdf sites
  • Increase leads by creating a lead magnet
  • Re-purpose your content
  • Sell your ebooks and monetise your content.

Once you have the ebook looking how you want, you can use Designrr’s 3D cover page designer to produce an attractive cover and away you go – you have an ebook ready to distribute however you see fit.

On that subject, Designrr can produce your document ready to publish to any website or as a Kindle book, ePub, PDF or Flipbook.

You can try it out for free – here’s the link: https://checkout.designrr.io/designrr-pro-trial/

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