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Check content for SEO issues, get tips how to fix them, rewrite text and publish updated content.

What Is SEO Content Optimization?

Optimizing a quantity of text for SEO is a process which involves writing the text and, if necessary, making changes that will help search engine bots to understand what the text is about and the search queries for which it would be appropriate for search engines to show it.

Whilst the original content creation is usually a one-time task, subsequent SEO improvements and modifications can go on forever or, at least, for the life of the content.

How to Check Content for SEO Optimization

Determining if an article, blog post or other piece of text content is SEO-optimized before it is published, takes time. However, by doing it you will save a lot of time and resources that are often spent on subsequent corrections and rewriting of the original content if the prior verification is not done.

Even if you write the text yourself and it is totally original and of high quality, you may be suprised to find that in-depth analysis can often highlight errors and improvements that you simply could not have thought of at the time of creating the piece.

Duplicate Content Detector

Everyone knows that Google and other search engines love plagiarism-free content. Included within Copywritely is a facility that detects plagiarism with powerful search algorithms that seek out matching fragments of text on billions of websites. You can be sure that your content is original, perfect for SEO purposes and unlikely to run into duplicate content issues.

Keyword Research

It is an essential prerequisite for writing content for SEO purposes that the content should be written around keywords that have been thoroughly and carefully researched. Copywritely includes a keyword research tool to help you to do just that. 

Copywritely – Pricing & Plan Details

Copywritely offer a range of options ranging from their entry level “personal” plan at $18/month through to the “Enterprise” plan at $67/month. These are very reasonable rates for a package  with this much SEO power. There’s also the option of a free trial so you can try it all out risk free.

Copywritely could save many hours of work and revision for SEO copywriters, why not give it a try and see how your productivity could be enhanced – here’s the link: 

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