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If Social Media Marketing is part of your Digital Marketing Strategy then you will probably need some help in keeping it all together. Zoomph describe themselves as an “Influencer Marketing Platform” which might take a bit of thinking about before you can fully appreciate what their proposition actually is. Fortunately, they have done some of this for you and came up with the following, helpful, statement:

“Social media marketing is more than just discovering tweets, posts, pins, and grams. It’s about finding the right signals at the right time to create new opportunities. It’s about discovering trends before they become trends, and showcasing moments that inspire your audiences. Smart social media marketing doesn’t stop with analytics. Rather, that’s the point where it all begins.”

So now you know! However, as a picture is often said to be worth a thousand words, here’s one taken from their website which might help a bit more:

Zoomph social media marketing

In fact, what Zoomph have created is a comprehensive toolkit that will prove invaluable to anyone trying to build and maintain an effective social media marketing effort for their business. From social media analytics, social media listening and building microsites, (naughty), Zoomph seem to have covered most of the bases and on that basis its well worth taking a look.

They also have the courage of their convictions since they offer a free account, not a short trial, a permanent free account, for those with modest needs and an upgrade path that is not too steep for those who want to take it further.

If social media marketing forms even a small part of your digital marketing strategy I’d certainly recommend that you give Zoomph a look.




Where To Find It
Product Type
Social Media Marketing platform
Paid, Various Options plus free account option
Free Trial Available
Yes, book a demo and you’ll get one but you can have a free entry level account anyway
From $145/month, annual discounts available.


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