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Simply Measured is a fully featured Social Media analytics and reporting platform that is streets ahead of most of the competition.

Simply Measured should be seriously considered if Social Media Marketing forms part of your digital marketing strategy.

We all suffer from “shiny object syndrome” from time to time – that thing that we hanker after but can’t have, usually because the cost is out of your reach. With me, it’s not an Aston Martin or a Bugatti Veyron, although I would, of course, love to own such a car, but a far more modest requirement – I would love to own and use Simply Measured for my social media analysis and reporting. Unfortunately, I can’t really justify the cost with my modest client numbers and size.

Simply Measured may not be the Rolls Royce of social media analytics but they must surely be close. I had a free trial in order to produce my review of the package some time ago, (I intend to update it as soon as I can for this publication), and was simply blown away by the depth and detail of the data that I was able to access and report upon.

It is clear that Simply Measured is aimed at large, cash rich organisations – they actually say so on their website:

Simply Measured Social Analytics

Sometimes though it is nice to see how the other half live and, maybe, aspire to own and use those products if it makes sense to do so. In the case of Simply Measured, it does!

Lot’s of small businesses struggle to get any kind of result from their social media marketing efforts yet they are told over and over again that social media marketing should form part of their overall digital marketing strategy. So off they go and Tweet themselves to death, along with wall to wall Facebook posts, along with all the others. Result – no real benefit. Why, no real understanding of the market, their competitors and what role social media can play in making them a strong player.

Simply Measured enables you to monitor and analyse not only your own social media efforts but those of your competitors as well – so many social media monitoring packages don’t allow competitor analysis which makes their products very limited in usefulness as far as I’m concerned.

Take a look at this example report from Simply Measured’s site:

simply measured facebook report

See how easy it is to identify which of your competitors is doing things right on Facebook, and who the also-rans are. If I were managing the social media marketing for a cruise company I’d want to know what it is that Princess Cruises were doing to get such a high number of likes compared to the others in the competitive landscape. The best part is that Simply Measured enables you to drill down into the data and find out exactly what’s going on – gold dust!

You may have gathered that I’m a real enthusiast for this product. If you are serious about Social Media marketing and have the budget I cannot recommend this product strongly enough. If I could, I’d subscribe in an instant.

So what is the cost? Well the entry-level to Simply Measured, which has much of the really useful stuff excluded, is $500/month and it’s a sharp rise to the next level, “Advanced” which comes in at a $1000/month. The Enterprise level is $2K/month and includes everything you are likely to need, if you can stump up the asking price.

As I’ve often been told, I shouldn’t assume that businesses, just because they are small, don’t have the money to buy what they need. That’s true but even those with plenty of cash will only buy products that will give them true value and make a real difference to their business – well chaps, here’s one that really will!

I should stress that, as far as I know, Simply Measured don’t have any kind of affiliate scheme and I receive no payment from them whatsoever – I just think it’s a brilliant product, worth every penny if you can afford it, and I’m not afraid to say so.

We plan to do a full Simply Measured review in the near future once we’ve negotiated access for review purposes – watch out for the review button on the right hand side of this article.

Having said that, I’m off to press my nose against the toy shop window once again!

Simply Measured

Where To Find It
Product Type
Social Media Analyics & Reporting platform
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
From $500/month.

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