GroupTweet is designed to enable multiple contributors to Tweet from your company, school, team, or group Twitter account.

What’s more, they can do so from any Twitter app they choose.

The benefits of GroupTweet are fairly clear to anyone who has a Twitter account that needs to be contributed to by more than one person. This of course includes most businesses, especially small ones where there is no budget to support hiring a dedicated social media manager.

Quite apart from the uses this could be put to in a business, where Tweets may be contributed by many different employees, there are many non-commercial uses as well, as per the examples given above, namely sports teams, schools, clubs etc.

Another major benefit offered by GroupTweet is that there is no need to share the Twitter password and login credentials with others, which avoids the possibility of anyone comprimising your security. You can add or remove contributors at any time.

Contributions may be automatically formated to the standards you have set up for your business Twitter account, thus avoiding anyone croosing over the line and parting from the company guidelines. GroupTweet makes great use of Twitter Group Messaging to facilitiate all of the above, and more.

There’s a useful dashboard to monitor everything on, and a submission scheduler to make sure things get posted to the Twitter account when they should.

GroupTweet Twitter Marketing Tool

The GroupTweet communal dashboard enables your contributors to compose and submit their Tweets, even if the don’t have their own Twitter account. Access is by email invite – no Twitter passwords involved.

If your contributors don’t have their own personal Twitter accounts that doesn’t matter. There is a shared GroupTweet dashboard that they can access with their email address. all you need to do is to send them your GroupTweet invite link and be on your way.

GroupTweet is reasonably priced too – there’s a free account that is supported by ads, as well as an entry level paid account for up to 5 contributors and 2500 followers to your Twitter account, priced at just $7.99/month. Various other plan with different limits are offered but all at very reasonable monthly subscriptions which would be affordable to most users.

It is very simple to setup GroupTweet, you simply connect your company or business Twitter account to get started and away you go. You can try GroupTweet for free and we recommend that you do so – it solves aproblems that not everyone has but most businesses would benefit from opening up their range of contributors to keep their Tweets fresh and interesting. GroupTweet is the perfect and risk-free way to do that, here’s the link:


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Paid, Various Options plus free account supported by ads
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Entry level plan, ad free, starts at $7.99


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