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Searchmetrics is a market leader in the provision of top-end SEO tools and resources for digital marketing research and reporting.

Searchmetrics data is often used as a reference point or a benchmark for digital marketing research and reports and there is a high level of respect for them in the industry.

This is a very comprehensive SEO platform covering almost every aspect of digital marketing and online, or partially online, business. We have listed the service for a full in-depth review and there is a link on the right hand side for that which will be activated when the Searchmetrics review is complete.

Here is a brief summary of what to expect from the powerful  Searchmetrics SEO Platform

Searchmetrics Local SEO

Searchmetrics currently lets you analyse your local SEO rankings for a total of 14 countries including, of course, the UK and the US. With so many searches now being carried out on a local basis, and Google placing much more emphasis on local searches, this is an important area to address for many SEO professionals.

Research Cloud – Data for Search & Content Marketing

The Searchmetrics Research Cloud comprises over 250 billion individual items of information that are constantly updated, covering Search, Content, PPC, social and mobile marketing.

Website Performance Monitoring with Searchmetrics “Visibility Guard”

The Visibility Guard function is useful in that it monitors your site(s) 24/7 and reports immediately any issues that will adversely affect performance and which may incur losses in traffic and conversions.

Make your Content Measurable with Searchmetrics Content Performance

How well does your content work and does it meet your audience’s needs? With Searchmetrics Content Performance your content becomes measurable and these questions may be more easily answered.

Social Media Optimisation

Searchmetrics Social SEO helps you to interpret social media popularity which is measured by social signals in a way that you can use to integrate your SEO, social media marketing and content marketing strategies. This enables you to detect, track and measure the social impact of your domains, landing pages and other digital communication.

Searchmetrics Backlink Analysis

Backlink Analysis can be found in most SEO platforms but they vary tremendously in terms of quality, quantity and accuracy with the benchmarks being set by such providers as Majestic and Ahrefs. Searchmetrics’ backlink analysis will provide you with a clear view of your website’s backlink structure. Metrics included are link type, link source, industry, popularity, and link strength. You can also analyse incoming backlinks in order to evaluate their potential use in optimization. Searchmetrics claim that their database offers more than 150 billion links which certainly puts them well ahead of many of their competitors.

Keyword Research

There’s a Keyword Discovery function to help you to see which keywords your competitors are using and to create keyword lists with which to try and dominate the search results. There’s also a PPC research module with the suite of tools available to you. These are essential elements of any SEO toolkit.

There’s so much in the Searchmetrics platform, you really need to check it out – they offer a free demo but not a free trial, as far as we can tell. If you need top-end SEO tools then this is probably where you need to be looking. As to pricing, well they are a bit secretive about that, publishiong only the very basic “Essentials” plan which costs $69/month and is only available if you pay a year at a time – or so I’m told. It doesn’t give you many of the features and time restictions apply as to the amount of historical data you can use.

Every other plan requires you to contact them so maybe that’s the best option. They haven’t geared this up for the smaller business and maybe that’s deliberate, if you need this level of data and research capability then the price probably won’t matter.





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Essentials Plan $69/month. Higher levels not published.


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