A/B Rankings – Intelligent SEO Tools

A/B Rankings is a suite of Search Engine Optimisation tools, with emphasis on the target site’s content and how well its pages are optimised for those keywords and phrases that are important to it.

Deep Dive Your SEO Topic Research

With A/B Rankings you can analyze your niche’s search result pages, compare your content to your top competitors using the platform’s powerful NLP topic and entity research tool and discover thousands of keyword suggestions and hundreds of your customers questions from Google’s People Also Ask. Their keyword grouping tool will help you to kick start your own topic clusters in their useful content planner tool.

BOOST Your Site’s Clickthrough Rate

Increase your CTR by testing your page titles
Your titles should be bringing you more traffic. Split test your copy to find the best performing snippets, and get up to 50% more clicks for the same positions.

Discover Long Tail Keyword Opportunities with A/B Rankings

We crawl your site each week on autopilot, comparing your content to your existing rankings, and highlighting ‘missing’ keyword opportunities.

Update your content to include new synonyms and modifiers in your copy, headings and titles and see overnight gains in search visibility

Solve Competing Content Issues & Prevent Keyword Cannibalisation

If you optimise multiple pages for the same keyword(s) then it is possible that they will compete with one another in the search engine resuls pages, (SERPs). This means that your potential customer might not see the most appropriate page for that particular topic. Now you can stop your pages from competiing with each other with A/B Rankings’ powerful content analysis tools. You can easily find cannibalization issues, identify conflicting pages and ensure your site is prioritising the correct content to rank in order to get the best click through rates.

A/B Rankings Pricing Plans

Paid plans start at $29 for the “Starter Plan and rise up to $199 for an agency plan. See the details here: https://abrankings.com/pricing


A/B Rankings

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