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SERPWoo is an in-depth rank tracking tool.

Now I know that many people agree with me in thinking there are too many keyword rank tracking tools out there, many of which are simply lookalikes of each other.

Occasionally a new one comes along and raises my eyebrow because its a little bit different – SERPWoo is one such example, read this SERPWoo review and see if you agree.

What does SERPwoo do?

Well, first and foremost it’s a Keyword Rank Tracking platform that lets you track your chosen keywords. Normally, these trackers check how your domain is doing for however many keywords you specify and show you how your ranking changes over time. That’s useful and can be invaluable when doing SEO and PPC campaign work.

Most rank trackers can track a single domain over the top 100 results in Google. These keyword rank trackers claim to help you optimize your SEO, but in order to do that properly you not only need to see your own campaigns but also what your competitors and others are doing and to be able to understand how the best performers are getting the results they are getting.

SERPW00 comes with in-depth rank tracking and tracks all of the results for any given keyword so it’s easy to see how you are performing compared to your competitors.

SERPWoo Keyword Rank Tracking

If it’s detail you want – SERPWoo has got it – maybe a little too much of it in the case of the above chart. What you are actually seeing here is the historical performance for the top 20 domains for the keyword “Natalie Dormer” and your eyes are automatically drawn to the messy line chart in the middle but try to forgive that and take a look at the useful statistics at the bottom including Domain Data, (Age etc) as well as  Majestic backlink data, MOZ data and social media statistics. All very useful stuff and way beyond the scope of most rank trankers.

Other SERPWoo Features

Whilst it’s true that keyword rank tracking is the most important feature within SERPWoo, there is another very useful addition which is becoming more and more of an issue for many online businesses – online reputation management. Now that it is so easy to vent your spleen about a business, or person, that you either don’t like or have a disagrement with, it is evn more important to be able to monitor and respond to adverse comments on social Media and review sites – SERPWoo includes features to let you do this.

Keyword Research with SERPWoo

You’d be dissapointed if I told you that SERPWoo didn’t have a keyword research tool so i’m happy to say that it does. It’s quite in-depth and useful but no more so than many others out there. If you needed SERPwoo for its main attraction – rank tracking – and decided that you could handle the not incosiderable cost – then SERPWoo is probably capable enough of handling all your ranking and research tasks with reputation management being a welcome extra.

What does SERPWoo Cost?

So what does it cost? Well there is a totally free account on offer but that only gives you up to 3 keywords to track so it’s useless for real time useage but great for testing and assessing whether SERPWoo is the right choice for you. Once you need to grow out of the free account then your starting point is the “Bronze” account which gives yo up to 750 keywords to track and comes in at $49 per month. Bronze does not let you track mobiles so that renders it useless for most site owners and small agencies. The first plan to give you everything, and up to 2000 keywords to track, is the Silver @ $99.95 per month.

Also worthy of consideration – SEMRush and SERPstat




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