SEO Rank Monitor

SEO Rank Monitor is a comprehensive suite of keyword rank monitoring tools and other useful SEO tools that are offered on a monthly subscription basis.

Here we have another serious contender for your shortlist of possible rank monitoring or keyword monitoring platforms to help with your digital marketing strategy.

SEO Rank monitor has been around for quite a while now and is one of the better established rank monitoring platforms.

SEO Rank Monitor Keyword Tracking

If you visit their website you should proceed with some caution however – for example, the make the claim “Only SEO Rank Monitor offers reports on mobile rankings” which is patently untrue. SEMrush and SEO Powersuite, to name but a couple, offer this as well. There are others and they must know that so I’m not sure why they make such a claim. Maybe it was true when they originally said it, (I don’t know), but it isn’t true now.

Other than that, the package offers all of the facilities you would expect from a keyword tracking tool and then some. It seems to be particularly strong on local rank tracking with the ability to specify the geographical location, e.g. town or city, that you want to track results in although if you are majoring on that you may find Brightlocal a better bet.

Another facility which is always good to see is the  “Competition” tool which lets you analyse the competition to your own digital marketing strategy – it’s amazing how many so-called SEO tools do not have proper competitor analysis facilities. Anyone who really does digital marketing for a living will tell you that faiure to have an in-depth knowledge of your online competition, (which, incidentally,  may not be the same as your off-line competition), is a disastrous mistake to make. My only complaint is that, even on their biggest plan, you are limited to just 5 competitors and anyone who thinks that by analysing just 5 competitors they are doing enough is, frankly, delusional, unless they happen to be in an ultra-specialist niche where there are few, if any, competitors.

In terms of cost, SEO Rank Monitor is reasonably priced and has an “Personal” plan to accomodate the smaller user although the keyword tracking limit of 100 words is a bit miserly. This option is priced at just $19/month and, as such, is good value if your needs are relatively limited.

There is a completely free 14 day trial which I encourage you to take, (no credit card required), in order to see what this nicely presented and versatile package has to offer.



SEO Rank Monitor

Where To Find It
Product Type
Keyword Rank Tracking
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – 14 days
From $19/month.


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