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This is not the first time I’ve reviewed Raven Tools. Last time I did so it was during a prolonged trial that I was carrying out of several services which were competing for budgets of the serious SEO operator.

Raven Tools is a comprehensive set of SEO tools which work well together and would be suitable for those who need to manage the marketing and SEO for one, or just a few, businesses or other organisations.

With a starting point of $99 Raven, like any other similar service, has to prove itself to be of real value.

So what’s in the box? What do you get for your $99/month with Raven?

Competitor Analysis

Anyone who claims to provide a toolset for real industrial strength SEO work ¬†without offering proper competitor analysis is off to a bad start with me. Raven do provide the ability to compare the “main” site against up to 2 competitors in their “Site Performance” dashboard – not enough in my opinion, (SEMrush lets you compare up to 5, for example and their entry level is lower @ $69.95 for the “pro” level). It is only fair to mention that, in their very versatile Reporting Module Raven does allow you to compare more competitors.

Raven Tools

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Product Type
Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, SEO Tools
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
From $99/month.


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