AccuRanker Rank Tracking Tool

Accuranker – a Rank Tracking Tool with a Sense of Humour.

I was first alerted to the Accuranker rank tracking tool by someone posting on a forum about how volatile Google’s page rankings had been and how a free tool from Accuranker, called “Google Grump” could help to assess just how volatile the mighty Google was at any point in time. Accuranker Google Grump It’s just a bit of fun really but it does serve to illustrate that search engine results are not permanent, or even semi-permanent. Just because you are on the first page for a particular search phrase today does not mean you will be so tomorrow. Some of that is under your control – how often do you update your content or add new content? However, Google are always in control and they could decide, at any time, to change their ranking algorithms in a way which could impact your website’s visibility in the search results, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. Leaving aside the fun stuff, Accuranker’s main offering is a very tidy and powerful rank tracking tool. It is not a freebie, although there is a free trial, but it is a serious tool for serious SEO people. As you would expect, Accuranker, being as it is a rank tracking tool, does exactly that. They claim that, because they have servers in every country that they support, they can deliver keyword rankings with 99.9% accuracy, both globally and at the local level. Impressive, and difficult to either prove or disprove, but I’ve no reason to disbelieve them.

Accuranker pricing plans

Accuranker is a monthly plan service, starting at $49 for tracking up to 500 keywords. There’s a 10% discount if you pay annually. At this sort of price there are other tools out there which will give you more in terms of tools and number of keywords which can be rank tracked – Accuranker is not much more than a keyword ranking tool and, although it is very good, you could probably get much more for your money if you shopped around. If you increase the tracking limit up to 1000 words then the monthly charge rises to $79, and so it goes on. My day-to-day tracking is done with a tool called SEO Powersuite Ranktracker which gives you an unlimited number of words to track for less money – although their plans are somewhat different and they are in the midst of changing the way they operate. There is a free trial for Accuranker though so give it a go – here’s the link:


Where To Find It
Product Type
Keyword Rank Tracker & other SEO Tools
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – 14 days
From $79/month, less 10% if you pay annually.


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