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Calculators & Quizzes: THE NEXT BIG THING IN MARKETING – at least that’s the claim being made by suppliers of quiz building software, including Outgrow whose product we are looking at here.

They could well be right, there’s certainly plenty of marketing people who think that the old favourites, such as e-books, reports and guides are starting to be less appealing to potential customers in leadgen campaigns.

Maybe quizzes, as well as Outgrow’s other speciality – online calculators – could be the way forward, or one of them at least. Only time will tell.

In fact, Outgrow claim that Buzzfeed’s most shared article ever was an interactive quiz and, so too, was the New York Time’s most popular article. This is because readers see a quiz as being something that they can use to get an answer to something they need help with; “how much will the payments be on my mortgage,” “how much will that new car really cost me” and so on.

OutGrow Lead Generation with Quizzes and Calculators

Whatever you might think of them, quizzes, surveys, online calculators and videos are more likely to attract attention than a text based article so if you had a tool to help with producing that kind of engaging content, you’d give it some serious thought, right? Of course you would.

I haven’t come across a tool to do all of those things yet but Outgrow definitely ticks all the boxes when it comes to quizzes and online calculators. They are easy to build – even for non-programmers – they look good and can be simple or more complex if required – take a look at how Outgrow handles formulas below:

Outgrow formula builder

The quizzes and forms that you can create with Outgrow can be made to look really cool as well:

Example quizzes built with Outgrow

Outgrow claims that it is possible to achieve conversion rates as high a 40-50% with online quizzes and calculators and, whilst I am not able to confirm that it is a fact that their website is stuffed full of examples that you can check out. Even though your first attempts are likely to convert at a more modest rate, it’s probably still worth checking it all out.

To help you with that Outgrow provide a free trial period of  7 days at the Business Pro level. The available plans are

Outgrow pricing

These are for those who wish to pay monthly, there is a discount of approx 15% if you pay annually up front. The entry level “Freelance” is probably enough for most users when they are starting out but if your quiz or calculator attracts more than 6000 visits or converts more than 300 of those visits into leads then you’d hve to upgrade and it’s quite a hike up to the “Essential” pland from there. The Freelancer and Essential levels both carry Outgrow branding.

So, as long as you are comfortable with the pricing, this is one toolset that you really should check out. Take the free trial and create a couple of quizzes and/or calculators. Outgrow is a well thought out product that seems to deliver what most website owners want – more leads and conversions – and whilst it isn’t cheap, if it really does push leads into your sales funnel at that kind of level then it has to be worth a try.

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Where To Find It
Product Type
Quiz builder, Calculator builder
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – 7 days
Starts at $45/month with discount for annual payments


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