AdAlysis is an AdWords analysis package that goes beyond the facilities included in the AdWords interface and lets you really streamline your ppc campaigns. AdAlysis also works with Bing ads.

Anyone who has spent many hours coming to terms with the AdWords interface, possibly taking Google’s training courses and sitting the AdWords exams, will be aware that it is not short of functionality. I’ve done all of the above and feel comfortable with just about everything that AdWords has to offer. along with Analytics, I believe that Google has provided us with pretty much everything that is needed to research, build and manage a ppc campaign.

Then along come suppliers like adAlysis, (yes, they really do start their name with a lower case “a,” eschewing the rules of grammar in order to raise eyebrows no doubt), and make their pitch, saying that they will, for a monthly subscription, enhance that which Google gives for free.

OK, lets take a look. Exactly what extra functionality do we get for our adAlysis subscription?

Ad Testing

AdWords does let you set up tests or course but the process is largely manual whereas adAlysis can automate the process and produce reports highlinghting results.

adAlysis ppc management tool

In the above report you can see at a glance that the ad flagged in green is the most effective performer.

The package lets you queue several alternative ads and replace failing ads with new ones automatically.

Quality Score Management

One of life’s great mysteries, Google’s Quality Score, can be tricky to get right so any help is welcomed. Adalysis lets you measure QS over time and provides insights into possible problems.

Keyword Management

Lets you manage your keywords and drill down into possible keyword/ad/landing page combinations. Adalysis also handles negative keywords in great depth.

Landing Page Management

Here, adAlysis really touches a nerve. It’s often difficult to indentify which landing pages are performing the best with which ad and or keyword. This tool seems to make it much easier and it’s probably worth the subscription for this feature alone.

All-in-all theres a lot to this package. Yes you could easility manage without it, it’s hardly revolutionary but that would be missing the point. Adalysis will save you time and, if you have clients who need all the answers yesterday, they are after all spending their own mnoey on funding the ads, then adding adAlysis to your tool chest could be a no-brainer.

Adalysis is supplied on a monthly subsription starting at $25 for up to 500 ads – these can be across munlitple accounts or in an MCC. There’s a free 14 day trial, no credit card required, give it a go.


Where To Find It
Product Type
PPC Management Tool
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – 14 Days
Starting at $25 for up to 500 ads


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