Ryan Deiss is the co-founder and CEO of Texas based Digital Marketer and is one of the most influential figures in the digital marketing world.

Ryan Deiss The Machine

Digitalmarketer.com was formed back in 2009 by Ryan after several years as a succesful online marketer with his online businesses, some of which date back to his student days. Like many students, Ryan needed to earn extra cash to support his studies and started his very first online business from his dorm room at the University of Texas, in Austin – the town from which he now conducts his multi-million dollar business.

There are many so-called marketing gurus out there and many of them are credible, helpful and sometimes inspirational in the way that they offer their advice and services to those in the marketing business – and in other businesses too.

Ryan, however, is in my opinion just that little bit different. Yes, he certainly is all of those things I just mentioned – credible, helpful and inspirational. But, with Ryan Deiss, there’s something else. Actually, there are several “something elses”. The big one for me is the fact that Ryan doesn’t preach theory on its own. If you want that you can do a conventional, and largely irrelevant, marketing course at a university. Instead, Ryan and his team actually do run businesses that operate online, offline and from “bricks and mortar premises. They sell a wide range of products and service including survival equipment and supplies, makeup tutorials, sewing products, gardening supplies and many more.

Using the experience gained in running such a diverse protfolio of businesses, Ryan has gained expertise in what Digital Marketer calls, “Customer Value Optimization” and has developed  a methodology based around acquiring, nurturing and converting customers who are then developed over time in order to extract the maximum lifetime value.

The product for which Ryan Deiss is probably best known, at least within the digital marketing community, is “The Machine” – a marketing methodology and training programme based on automated email sequences combined with landing pages and other assets designed to acquire, nurture and convert propects for just about any kind of business.

Ryan and the team at Digital Marketer are very active in the digital marketing arena, producing regular videos, blogs and podcasts that are of interest to everyone in the digital marketing community, covering topics ranging from ppc ads, social media marketing and, thier speciality, email marketing. Ryan has declared his intention to try and help 10,000 businesses double in size, a goal that I am sure he will achieve.


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