PPC – Paid Search Marketing

PPC, (Pay Per Click) is a popular form of Paid Search Advertising which is an integral part of the digital marketing strategy of many organisation.

Paid Search Marketing normally takes the form of PPC, or Pay Per Click ads placed using systems like Google’s AdWords, Bings AdCenter or those available on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

However, PPC isn’t the only game in town and, in fact, many search marketing campaigns are not run on a pay per click basis at all. Instead they use a costing model known as PPM, (Pay Per Thousand impressions), based on the number of impressions the ad receives. This method is especially valuable when the main objective of the campaign is to gain visibility for a brand or product, rather than to generate clicks to a website.

Although Google’s AdWords platform did rule the roost for a long time, and, arguably, still does, there is serious competition now coming from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, all of whom offer paid ad facilities of one sort or another on their hugely popular websites – see our section on social media marketing, (SMM), for a more in-depth exploration of these options.

An Introduction to Google Local Service Ads

Google Local Service Ads Explained You want to connect with local customers who are in the market for the services you provide. You’ve probably spent some time optimizing your website. You may have paid for Google Ads. But if you’re not focusing on Google Local...

WordStream PPC Ad Management Platform

Wordstream is a well established and highly respected ppc ad management platform covering Google Ads, Bing Ads and now Facebook/Instagram Ads. As yet there is no coverage within WordStream for LinkedIn or Twitter ads, which is a shame but hopefully they are on the way...

Switchy – retargeting url shortener

Switchy is a url shortener that is designed for use in remarketing campaigns.There are quite a few url shorteners around so the introduction of another, in itself, does not get me that excited. However, this is more than just a url shortener, having as it does, quite...

How To Generate Leads With YouTube Ads

How to Generate Leads with YouTube Ads  Most small business don’t have a huge marketing budget. Sounds familiar, right? Advertising is expensive. You want the money you spend to stretch as far as possible – and that means finding advertising opportunities that are...

Adduco Facebook Ad Management & Marketing Insights

What is Adduco and what does it do?Upon first exposure to Adduco you might be forgiven for having a slightly bewildered look on your face. The thought that will be turning around in your mind will be along the lines of "what is Adduco and what on earth...

AdButler – Ad Serving Platform

AdButler is a long-established and widely used ad serving platform with a flexible and affordable pricing structure to suit organisations of every size and type.What is an ad serving platform?Good question. The whole subject of automated ad serving is a bit of a...

adAlysis PPC Campaign Analysis

AdAlysis is an AdWords analysis package that goes beyond the facilities included in the AdWords interface and lets you really streamline your ppc campaigns. AdAlysis also works with Bing ads. Anyone who has spent many hours coming to terms with the AdWords interface,...

Perfect Audience – Retargeting Platform by Marin Software

Marin Software are justifiably well known as a provider of PPC  bid management software, mainly to marketing agencies. Their scope, and product range, is now much wider than that and Perfect Audience is their answer to the need for an effective ad retargeting...

Pardot – Marketing Automation By Salesforce

Pardot is a marketing automation platform from Salesforce that works in conjunction with their market-leading Salesforce CRM. I've been reviewing quite a few marketing automation platforms recently and, as a Salesforce user for several years, (although not at...

SEOprofiler – Full-featured SEO Tools & Services

SEOprofiler is a suite of SEO and PPC optimisation tools designed for the smaller organisation and representing very good value for money, especially at the entry level price point. All the usual suspects are there, Keyword Rank Tracking, Site Audit, Website...



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