Majestic Chrome Plugin Reinstated

Majestic suspended access to their free Chrome plugin back in October because, as they said at the time, their API was being thrashed by automated queries making it “unusable to human beings, undermining the plugin and causing widespread dissatisfaction”.

Majestic Chrome Extension Back online

The Free Majestic Chrome Plugin

Now I am a big fan of Majestic and prefer their service to others because I do believe it is the most comprehensive backlink management system out there – although Ahrefs comes a close second and would do an equally good job for most people. Even if you subsribe to Majestic’s service you’ll find that the sheer wealth of data available to be well worth the very reasonable subscription.

So the free-to-use Chrome, (and Firefox), extension was a nice gesture from a business that didn’t need to do it really, but I’m glad they did. If I put my marketer’s hat on I’d be able to understand exactly why they did do it of course – for every 100 people that use it for free, a percentage of those people will take out a full subscription. Bingo – it’s a digital marketing strategy, and a good one as well, based on solid principles.

It is a real win-win situation then when Majestic are able to announce that their developers have solved the problem, (by adding a re-captcha), and now it is available again. Good for them, good for us.

The reason, by the way, that I am so enthusuastic about this product is that it is so convenient to use. I go to the website that I am researching, hit the Majestic symbol on my toolbar and presto – I have the Citation Flow, Trust Flow and a load of other backlink related data about that site pop up on my screen.

Here’s what Majestic gives you, completely free:

  • The number of links to the web page, the domain, and subdomain.
  • The number of domains that link to the web page, the domain, and subdomain which hosts the web page.
  • Citation Flow: How strong the links are at each of these levels, as a score from 0-100.
  • Trust Flow: How trustworthy the links are at each of these levels, as a score from 0-100.
  • A link profile chart, which is a graphical representation of the Trust Flow and Citation Flow of all these links.
  • Timeline charts of how this page acquired links and referring domains over time.

All of that and it’s convenient and easy to use.

Thanks Majestic Chrome plugin – its good to have you back!


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