Reddit is a content publishing and discovery tool that provides a platform for those who wish to build a reputation for themselves or their website. It also enables users to find content that has been compiled from all over the Internet as a result of users posting articles and other content they have discovered and which they feel would be of interest to other users, also known as “Redditors.”

Used carefully, Reddit provides massive exposure for content and there is a real possibility that content marketers could find substantial audiences for their material but there are rules and it has to be done properly. The numbers are very impressive so we would suggest that serious content marketers should take the time to get the best from Reddit.

As a guide, in January 2016 Reddit had 231,002,204 unique visitors who came from more than 215 countries. Those visitors viewed around 8,194,956,819 individual pages.

With audiences like that, who are, for the most part, happy to engage with content providers where appropriate, Reddit is a must-go site for content marketers everywhere.

Visit our Reddit review for a more detailed account of how the platform could serve as a launch pad for your content.


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