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SEMrush is the most popular and full-featured SEO tools platform for everything from Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis through to Rank Tracking and Social Media Management.

Now you can try it completely FREE with the SEMrush free trial account. This is not just a limited trial – it’s a totally FREE account, suitable for occasional use although there is a SEMrush free trial of their full-blown account as well but for many people the free account will be enough for their needs as it gives you up to 10 enquiries per day.

The SEMrush free trial can be used to research your competition, optimise your website, research keywords and much more. I’ve often referred to it as the “Swiss Army Knife” of SEO tools.

If you want to see how many of your competitors are running PPC ads – SEMrush will tell you and show you examples of their ads, (in fact, with the full version you can see all of their ads). If you want to know which search phrases your competitors are appearing on Google for, and where, the SEMrush free trial will tell you that as well.

There’s also a built in website audit tool to give you  a full health check for your site, your client’s sites or your competitors – check out their weak points and exploit them!

The SEMrush Keyword research tool is very thorough and has many advanced features including the ability to find keywords that your competitors are using but you are not. You can find both Organic search keywords and PPC (Adwords) keywords as well.

The SEMrush Rank Tracker is easily the best I’ve ever used and lets you compare your performance directly against your competitors.

Why not pick one of your online competitors and use the SEMrush free trial to see how much traffic they are getting, and how they are getting it.

Getting your SEMrush free trial is easy – just enter the URL of your website, or a competitors website, into the SEMrush free trial box below – you’ll be amazed at the amonut of information you’ll get – and no need for a credit card or any kind of payment.

It’s no secret that I like SEMrush – it has everything you need in a single platform, conveenient and good value for money if you choose to take a paid subscription.

We have a full SEMrush review here if you would like to find out more about this Aladins cave for SEO tools and Social media marketing delights – there’s a great backlinks profile tool as well. However, for now, you can have great fun and not spend a penny by using the box below – happy SEMrushing!

Here’s the link to SEMrush free trial.

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It’s simple – just type in the URL of a website you want to research, it could be your own – or a competitor.

SEMrush will tell you everything it knows about that site, for free, no signup or credit card needed.


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