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Tawk.to is a live chat service that anyone can add to their website for free and see almost immediate improvements to their pre-sales and post sales customer service levels – we all want that, don’t we?

Live chat has proved its effectiveness over recent years. It helps with both the sales process by providing instant answers to the questions your site visitors have and which may be preventing them from  making a purchase or other commitment.

Tawk.to Live Website Chat

The Tawk.to Dashboard offers a wealth of analytic information

After sales service is improved too with your chat agents able to deal with most queries there and then, therefore avoiding delays which get people frustrated and could lead to complaints and adverse publicity. It isn’t right for every website perhaps but there are surely many sites out there that could benefit from  a live chat service.

In view of all of that, it is hardly surprising that a plethora of live chat platforms have cropped up – some free, some not. This one is so it’s well worth giving it a try.

The downside of course is that if you offer a live chat service then it has to be manned and that can be a significant overhead although there are probably outsourcing options that could reduce the cost and avoid the aggro of having to do it in-house. There are no doubt some problems to be solved but many have overcome them already and I suspect you would too.

Tawk is cheap – in fact it’s free!

Tawk.to is not only free, it is almost restriction free as well. For example, there are no agent, site or usage limits which means that business owners now offer 24/7 365 day live chat support to their customers on multiple websites if applicable. Tawk.to runs on both desktops and mobile devices as well so you can provide support to customers wherever they may be.

There is a very detailed dashboard provided so that you are fully up to speed with the level of chats you are handling, and the statistics behind them.

Tawk.to is available on a variety of platforms including Windows, Apple OSx, Android, Apple app and there are a number of useful integrations including, of course, WordPress.

We haven’t done a full install and ran Tawk.to as a live system yet and we don’t feel able to do an in-depth Tawk.to review until we do but from what I’ve seen, the next time we install live chat onto a website – ours or a client’s – we will certainly be trialling Tawk.to first.

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