Generate higher quality, higher converting leads with SCORE.

Prospects are at the heart of business growth. SCORE enables you to understand each prospect as an individual, and follow up with personalised messaging.

Score’s platform enables website owners to create branded scorecards that prospects complete on their website. The use of quizzes, surveys and questionaires is a well proven technique and this extends the process into the creation of a scorecard which determines the content of the report that he prospect receives after having completed the questions. The prospect answers a set of questions that you and the Score team collaboratively write together and design. The prospect then gets a personalised report based the answers given, and you get a lead with lots of rich data to enable you to personalise your follow-up and marketing strategy going forward.

Is this The Furure of Lead Generation?

Maybe not the (as in only) future but it’s certainly worth considering. The process is engaging and probably quite entetaining for the prospect. Once the prospect has completed the questions the ScoreApp will instantly calculate and deliver a dynamic result summary to them. A score will be calculated which can be shown as a percentage, out of 10, or the actual scores. The system handles all the fiddly opt-in requirements and collects all the necessary contract data for your ongoing marketing activities.You can ask your prospects to sign up pre or post questions and easily update their details as necessary.

Traffic Lights

You can easiliy set scoring tiers and associate colours to them in order to easily deliver a traffic light response for ease of use by the prospect.

Opt-in Location

Your prospects will be asked to provide location details s part of the lead generation process to assist with geo-targeted remarketing, email follow up, etc

Style It Up – Let SCORE Strenghten Your Branding

The ScoreApp makes it easy to completely white label your scorecard and associated pages and make them your own. Set your colours, fonts and images and you can use a custom domain if you wish. Use a domain of your choice, SSL included.


Score lets you choose which personal data to collect on sign up and customise your GDPR preferences accordingly with its Custom Sign Up Forms.

Remarketing & Marketing Tools

Turn your collected data into value with tailored marketing campaigns driving sales. The system enables Dynamic Retargeting where different retargeting pixels can be dropped onto the browser based on scores achieved.

Dynamic email follow up tools are in development and are coming soon – these will enable you to build follow up campaigns based on answers right within ScoreApp

Integrate your CRM

If required you can automatically push lead data including scores and answers into your CRM and trigger follow up campaigns

Create Landing Pages with ScoreApp

You can easily create attractive, compelling, tried and tested landing pages to attract more opt-ins and improve your conversion rate.

Score Pricing and Onboarding Costs

Score is a hosted service which involves the Score team assisting with setup. Their initial setup service, which is mandatory at £495, will cover this for you. Score starts at £25/month for up to 100 leads/month. higher lead number bands involve a higher setup fee. Here’s the pricing page:


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