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SERPed is one of the most comprehensive SEO & digital Marketing platforms out there with over 40 tools to help with SEO, Backlink Management, Keyword Research and a lot more.

SERPed SEO Tools

As you can see from the screenshot above, the SERPed range of SEO tools covers most of the things that a small SEO agency or in-house marketer would need to do on a daily basis as well as those things which only crop up from time-to-time.

I used the SERPed platform for a few months to manage a number of sites for a client and found it to be more than up to the job. There were a few cases where I felt the need to use external packages, backlinks being one of them and I run an account with Majestic for that purpose, but other than that I was more than satisfied with the SERPed offerings.

SERPed number some 44 tools on their platform and I must confess that I did not use them all but those that I did use performed accurately and served my purposes well. I particularly liked the competion Analyzer and Rank Tracker tools and used them on a daily basis. Others, such as the Site Auditor tool I used less often but with no less satisfaction.

Serious SEO operators who run PBNs, (Private blog Networks), will no doubt find the various Domain Finding tools included in SERPed to be of great benefit and content marketers will also appreciate the various content curation and copy spinning options as well.

I suppose if I was being picky I’d have to point to the lack of a proper Social Media tool. Its good to monitor your own performance on social media, and that of your competitors. For that reason I kept up with my RivalIQ subscription.

The only serious competitor for SERPed, in my opinion, is SEMrush who have a very good social media tool included and, with a similar entry price level, that could swing it in their favour for some users.

OK, so we can all agree that SERPed is a well thought out and comprehensive package with more tools than a Black & Decker catalogue but is it good value? Unusually these days they don’t have a free trial so you would have to pay for at least one months subscription in order to find out if it’s the right choice for you – the entry level account kicks in at a fairly hefty $79/month which is a lot for a small operator.

What I would say however is that if you had SERPed you wouldn’t need much else and, viewed that way I’d have to say it’s pretty good value.


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