Rank Tracking & Keyword Research with Keyword Spy – Our Keyword Spy Review

This is one of two Keyword Spy Review pieces that I have written. Keyword Spy was one of the first rank tracking and keyword research tools that I used. I love the interface and the clarity with which it presents the information.

So why two reviews? Well, Keyword Spy is a versatile tool but its principle activities can be fairly accurately divided between its role as a Rank Tracking Tool and a Keyword Research Tool and it as the former that I am reviewing it here.

There are some very cool features in Keyword Spy, like the Affiliate Intelligence function which is invaluable when researching and managing affiliate campaigns. Although it’s fair to say that Keyword Spy is primarily a Keyword Research Tool its rank tracking capabilities are formidable and, in conjunction with its keyword research capabilities, or just as a rank tracking tool, it could easily be the only tool you need.

Keyword Spy Rank Tracking Options

Keyword Spy’s Rank Tracking Module Lets You Track Your Important Keywords Against Your Competitors on Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Keyword Spy is a well-established product that has been around since 1997 so they have quite a pedigree in the SEO tools world. It would be fair to say that Keyword Spy’s reputation is probably more associated with its ability and prowess as a keyword research tool but that is not to take anything away from the Rank Tracking capability that it brings to the SEO table.

As I mentioned earier, the thing I like most about the KeyWord Spy Rank Tracking process is the clarity of the screens and the ease with which the data can be reviewed. Take a look at this example of a competitor review for the keyword “Flowers”:

www.keywordspy.com campaign #info3

As you can see, the data is arranged in easy to view columns with the results from Google, (of course) but also Bing and Yahoo for comparison. It is easy to see who the main players are for this keyword and you can then “drill down” to see their results in more detail.

www.keywordspy.com campaign #info1

Above, you can see where you stand for any combination of keywords that you want and how much traffic each of those words or phrases has along with an estimate of the number of clicks they are likely to produce. Custom filters enable you to narrow it down and concentrate on those phrase you are really interested in.

If you are researching for a ppc campaign then the Keyword Spy competitor keyword discovery systems lets you see the actual keywords that your competitor is useing to drive their ppc campaigns, as follows:

www.keywordspy.com campaign #info2

Knowing just how many keywords a competitor is targeting, which ones and how many clicks they produce each day is a powerful tool when building ppc campaigns where every click costs money and has to be targeted as accurately as possible.

Comprehensive rank tracking tools like this are invaluable when building and managing a website so, although there are free tools out there that will do some of that which Keywrord Spy does. the chances are that sooner or later you may have to consider switching to a paid tool.

Keyword Spy isn’t cheap but it isn’t outrageously expensive either. The Research & Tracking modules can be purchased separately or as a combined service at a discounted price.

There’s a free trial so give it a try and see what you think – here’s the link.

Keyword Spy

Where To Find It
Product Type
Keyword Rank Tracker & other SEO Tools
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – lifetime free account
From $89/month depending on features required


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