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Longtail Pro Platinum is a keyword Research tool that performs keyword research tricks capable of really making a difference to those who are planning a ppc ad campaign or who are trying to rank a webpage in search engine results pages that are getting more and more competitive.

LongTail Pro Platinum Functionality

LongTail Pro Platinum introduces higher levels of Keyword Difficulty, Competitor Analysis and Keyword Profitability analysis than would be available from Google’s own, free of charge, Keyword Planner. It is the latest release of a keyword research tool that has been around for many years and which is familiar and trusted by many people.

Keyword Research involves much more than simply producing lists of keywords or phrases. Yes, you do eventually want to end up with a list of keywords or phrases, of course, but the old approach of throwing mud at the barn door and hoping some will stick is long gone. Marketing campaigns cost money to develop and put into action – especially ppc campaigns where every click that does not result in a conversion, is literally a waste of money.

Longtail Pro Platinum combines a number of functions into one comprehensive keyword research platform. It should be remembered that it is a paid tool, unlike Google’s totally free Keyword Planner tool, although it isn’t unduly expensive. If you need keyword research capabilities that go beyond those provided for free by Google with their excellent, but limited, Keyword Planner tool, then this, the latest version of LongTail Pro Platinum might well be the one that you choose.

So what does Longtail Pro Platinum offer, over and above Google’s Keyword Planner? Why should you consider paying for keywords that could be available elsewhere, for free?

Longtail Pro Platinum starts to be very attractive when you need more than just a list of keywords. Although the source of the keyword data is still the same – Longtail Pro takes its data from Google’s Keyword Planner – it does take that data and carry out additional processing that makes it worthwhile.

Keyword Competitiveness, Keyword Difficulty and a host of other metrics not found in so much depth in Google’s free tool, make LongTail Pro a serious proposition for many SEO and PPC professionals.

I would suggest that Longtail Pro Platinum is good value  – but only for those who need it. If you really are on a budget then you could do a lot of it with free systems, starting of course with Google’s own.

The question is, should you invest in LongTail Pro or elsewhere? There is a free 7-day trial for this software but bear in mind that a  “Starter” plan with LongTail Pro will cost you $37/month, ($25 if you pay a year in advance), so it’s well worth your while to have a good look around before you make a decision.

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LongTail Pro Platinum

Where To Find It

What Is It
Keyword Research Tool
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – 7 days.
$37/month – $25 if you pay annualy.


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