The Soovle Keyword Research tool opens up a treasure trove of keywords that others might never find.

Anyone who has looked into the availability of keyword research tools will be aware that many people never stray far away from Google’s Keyword Planner, which is provided free to anyone who opens an AdWords account with them – you do not have to run any ads or spend any money but you do have to open an account to gain access to the tool.

Some people will have realised that maybe there are other keyword research tools out there that provide more insight, analysis and choice than the Google Keyword Planner can and they invest in other keysearch tools only to find that those tools also take their source data from google’s Keyword Planner – this is true of tools such as Market Samurai, Longtail Pro and others although it is fair to point out that these tools do provide analysis and other functions which are not available in the Google option.

Then there are other keyowrd research tools that offer you a much wider and deeper pool of keywords by using other sources for their raw data and we’ve already looked at some of those including Jon Leger’s excellent Keyqword Canine but today I want to show you a really nice little free tool that can give you a whole bunch of keywords that you won’t get from the Google tool but which could be very valuable when trying to find words and phrases that your competitors might not be aware of.

The tool I’m referring to is called “Soovle” and you can find it here.

The Soovle keyword tool uses keywords and phrases that appear in Google’s “Related searches” list at the bottom of the search results and also takes suggestions from a range of other platforms including Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube and eBay. Many of these words and phrases simply never get included in the Google Keywrod Planner results and so they are more often than not, overlooked. Which is a shame because these are actual searches that have been carried out by people before and, although they might not be mega-popular, they do have traffic and that could be where your next sale or enquiry comes from.

The Soovle interface is pretty easy to use and requires little tuition. You just enter the word or phrase that you are interested it and Soovle instantly gives you a great choice of phrases that include your “seed” word(s). You simply copy them and paste them into your keyword list.

Soovle is a great source of keywords that you can cut and paste into a tool with more analysis tools such as Market Samurai and then really get down to the nitty gritty to find out levels of competitiveness, expected traffic volumes, cost of click if used in ppc campaigns, etc.

It costs you nothing to give it a try so – if you’re looking for keyword ideas to set you apart from the crowd, give it a try, go forth and Soovle it!








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