Google AdWords Keyword Planner is the first keyword research tool I ever used. It was on the very first day of my working life at Google, where I was employed as a contractor for almost 7 years. During much of that time the Keyword Planner was a tool that I used virtually every day. I loved it then and I love it now – although it has come a long way since those early days.

Designed primarily as an aid to building effective PPC campaigns within AdWords, the Keyword Planner is free of charge to anyone with an AdWords account, although it offers facilities that most people would be quite happy to pay for. If, however, you want to find keywords, or phrases, for your Search Engine Optimisation and Content Marketing campaigns then the AdWords Keyword Planner may not be the right tool to use.

So what then does the AdWords Keyword Planner do, and when would it be useful?

When researching keywords for a Pay Per Click campaign, most of us will want suggestions as to keywords that we can use, how many searches, and clicks, we are likely to receieve and the likely costs of acquiring traffic to our websites through ads.

The Keyword Planner will do that perfectly well, all day long.





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