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Skitterphoto is a free to use image library with a great selection of royalty free images, even for commercial use.

Skitterphoto Free Image Library

High quality images for free from Skitterphoto

The Skitterphoto website was launched in 2014 by a pair of talented amateur photographers from Groningen and Drenthe in The Netherlands. They continued to work at their “day” jobs whilst launching the site, with their own images, in their spare time. The founders decided to make their pictures available online on their own website because good quality free photos are hard to find and they had a good selection of their own to offer.

Soon afterwards they saw their photographs popping up on websites all over the world and this motivated them to do more and create better pictures. After around two and a half years they opened up the website to enable other photographers to upload photos as well.

That’s a cool story and it’s a cool website with some glorious high definition images. The owners describe the content as “public domain” and seem perfectly happy for their images to be used for whatever purpose you require. Go fo it.

There isn’t much around for free that is anywhere near this kind of quality and I’d be proud to have just about any of the Skitterphoto images on any of my websites.

I’m not saying that paying for images is a bad thing. Sometimes we have to do that in order to get exactly what we need for a specific project but oftentimes services like Skitterphoto come up trumps and save us some real cash – thanks guys. The choice is not massive compared to the Shutterstocks and Getty Images of this world but those sites really know how to charge and are out of the reach for many website owners.

We recommend that you add Skitterphoto to your list of freebie image sites – its one of the better ones out there!




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