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Venngage is one of the major players in the Infographic maker business and has become a favourite with many users due to its high level of features and the availability of a free account with not too many restrictions attached to it.Venngage Infographic maker templates

Of course we all know the value of using images to explain something, to educate your audience or just to pass on information. The problem has been that in order to make a decent looking job of it you needed to pay a graphic designer – and the good ones don’t come cheap.

As the web has developed it has become even more important than ever to provide your website visitors with a choice of information in a variety of formats including text, video, audio and as images. Yes, of course you still need those well-written articles, after all that’s what Google and the other search engines use to work out what your webpages and your website is all about. Text based content however is no longer enough in itself and websites offering a strong graphic and video content tend to do much better in search results.

Infographics have become poplular because they are, in effect, an article in an image. The infographic layout presents data in a graphical way that enables people to take in what is being said quickly – reducing the amount of time they have to spend reading text based content.

I am no graphic artist but I’ve managed to produce a number of very good quality infographics using the completely free of charge templates that are supplied by Venngage, even with the free account.

The finished article can be published in various different formats and sizes and used as required. Formats supported include .pdf, .png and interactive .pdf (paid accounts only).

As to the cost of Venngage, it is realistically priced and if the free account doesn’t work for you then it is not too big a jump onto the Premium account at $19 per month. If you want to unlock all the toys in the toy cupboard that’ll cost you $49/month but it is a powerful tool and highly recommended if you need that level of functionality. There are discounts for paying quarterly or annually.

All in all, Venngage is probably the main player in the infographic maker marketplace, alongside Piktochart perhaps, and I would recommend that you take a good look at both before jumping in with a paid plan.


Where To Find It
Product Type
Infographics maker
Paid with limited free option
Free Trial Available
Free account available
$19/month entry level.


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