Snappa for Great Looking Graphics

Snappa is a graphics toolkit that makes creating great looking graphics simple, quick – and free!

I suppose it is inevitable that Snappa will be compared to the mighty Canva, probably the market leader in this field. That would be a fair comparison and there is no doubt that, point for point, feature for feature, Canva does just have the edge – it has more facilities and templates included in its free subscription.

Canva does still require a reasonable grasp of graphics in order to get the best from it though and many people who need graphics for their website just don’t have that skill set. It is for those people that I think Snappa is probably a better fit. It really is possible to churn out great graphics for almost every online purpose, very quickly and easily.

There is a template in Snappa for just about every purpose I can think of, including Ad layouts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on, as well as blog post images and a range of popular banner sizes and styles.

Snappa graphics tools

There’s a really useful video on the Snappa website that shows how a typical graphic can be produced in less than 60 seconds – it may take you a while to get to that level but the point is that really professional looking graphics can be quick and easy with Snappa. Here’s the video – judge for yourself:

Snappa is free to use and, although there is a Pro upgrade most people wouldn’t need it in order to create the kind of graphics that most of us need regularly. Even if you did decide to go Pro it only costs $10/month and gives you some nice additional features including access to a very comprehensive image library.




Where To Find It
Product Type
Grphics platform
Free plus paid upgrades
Free Trial Available
Yes, unlimited
$10/month opens up more options.


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