Icomoon – Icon Library

IcoMoon is an online icon library that supplies collections of icons to suit many different purposes.

There are free and paid versions of IcoMoon; the paid versions being more comprehensive and including more icons but my guess is that most people, us included, would find just about everything they need in the free version.

IcoMoon is, however, more than just a symbol library. One very useful tool is their (free) app which enables you to, amongst other things, create customised symbol fonts.

In other words, if there are a few symbols that you use over and over again just put them into your custom symbol font and use them as you would any other font – the symbols scale up and down depending on the font size that you stipulate.

Saves time spent searching through long lists of symbols, many of which you are never likely to use.

IcoMoon symbols

Free or paid?

I suggest trying the free version first as most of what you need is likely to be there. If you do opt for a premium version this can cost as little as $9 for 30 days access.



Where To Find It
Product Type
Symbol Library
Free & Paid Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – fully free version available
From $9/month.


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