“The best things in life are free” 

Maybe they are, maybe they’re not – but when it comes to finding the tools to help put your digital marketing strategy into practice, there are quite a few good tools out there that will give you a free account, not just a time-limited trial, but a completely free account.

In many cases, these are a “teaser” to get you on board with their service and gradually convince you that you need what they have and that it may be worth paying for a full subscription in order to get more facilities. Nothing wrong with that of course so long as the free account is genuinely free and is of some use to you.

If it’s free trials you are looking for then we have a separate guide to those but for now, here’s the list of digital marketing tools and services that you can use completely free.

MOZ Bar Chrome Extension

MOZ Bar is a free-of-charge Chrome Extension to help you to see at a glance the Domain Authority and other data for the website you are viewing.If you have a subscription to MOZ then more metrics become available on the MOZ Bar Chrome extension but the free version is...

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Yoast – SEO for WordPress

There can be few WordPress developers out there who have not heard of Yoast. It is one of the most useful plugins for a WordPress site that I have ever found and, just to make it even more attractive, it is free of charge, at least at the entry level. What does Yoast...

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SERPs – Keyword Rank Tracking & Other SEO Tools

SERPs, (  is a USA company offering a range of paid for, and some completely free, tools for keyword rank tracking and keyword research. I realise of course that you are probably aware that there are a great many such tools out there, some free, some not and...

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Skitterphoto – Free Images For Any Purpose

Skitterphoto is a free to use image library with a great selection of royalty free images, even for commercial use. High quality images for free from Skitterphoto The Skitterphoto website was launched in 2014 by a pair of talented amateur photographers from Groningen...

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Pixabay – Free Image Library

One of the best known sources for free images - Pixabay - is a real asset to web masters and other creatives in that its contents are released under Creative Commons CC0. This means that it is completely safe to use their images without any need to ask for permission...

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Ezvid Free Video Editing and Screen Capture

Ezvid is a free downloadable screen capture and video editing package which would seem to be ideal for the occasional user. Ezvid claims to be exceptional due to the power of its cutting-edge effects and features which include voice recording, facecam, voice...

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SEMrush – Free SEO Tools

Yes, it's true, my all-time favourite SEO tools platform, SEMrush, offer a free for life account that's ideal for new, or occasional users. I am a long-time convert to SEMrush for most of my SEO, PPC, competitive analysis, Keyword tracking and Keyword Research and, as...

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Keyword Spy – Free Keyword Research & Rank Tracking

Keyword Spy is a well-established Keyword Research and Tracking tool, favoured by many SEO & PPC managers.Although Keyword Spy is primarily a paid service they do offer a "free for life" account with lower limits on the number of daily searches and results shown....

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DesignBold – Free Graphics Design Tool

DesignBold is a free graphics design tool with a very wide range of facilities. It has serious competition from the likes of Canva but from what I've seen, (I'm no graphics designer but it all looks good to me), DesignBold has a lot going for it. The criteria for...

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Canva – Web Graphics and Images

Canva has become the graphics tool of choice for many digital marketers. It is still available as a completely free tool - you just pay if you want to use any of Canva's chargeable images. It is, however, perfectly possible to use the package without spending a penny,...

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Keyword Research For Free? – May We Suggest Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest free keywords tool has made a bit of a name for itself as a free alternative to Google's own, also free, AdWords Keyword Planner. It is, however, not quite that straightforward - unlike many Keyword Research Tools, Ubersuggest provides you with very useful...

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