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Campaign Monitor is an Email service platform that gives the marketer everything he or she needs to run great-looking, professional and effective email marketing campaigns to grow their business.

Although it lacks some of the more sophisticated marketing automation features found in packages like Infusionsoft and Marketo, it is priced somewhat lower than that level of system and is probably more than adequate for many businesses.

Let’s face it, an email system is an email system and its true to say that most of them are pretty similar to each other but there is one thing about Campaign monitor that stands out in my opinion – the design aspect of the emails is a bit special and, for that reason alone, it’s well worth taking a look at.

Campaign Monitor comes with a set of very professional looking email templates and there’s sure to be a few in their to suit most projects and campaigns. Building a slick looking email campaign is very straightforward and the results are certainly impressive.

There is a free account but it limits you to 5 contacts so not much use in a live situation but perfectly OK while you are still learning the system. Pricing after that is based on the number of contacts and , by way of an example, would allow you to send unlimited emails to up to 2500 recipients for just £19 per month.

If you ant to send nice looking emails to relatively small lists without  lot of automation then Campaign Manager could be just what you are looking for. Why not use the free account and give it a try?


Where To Find It
Product Type
Keyword Rank Tracker & other SEO Tools
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – 14 days
From £17/month if you pay annually.


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