Cyfe – SEO, PPC & Social Media Analytics Dashboard Creator

Cyfe is an easy-to-use dashboard creator that can pull data in from multiple sources and display it in a format that suits the needs of the user.

If you need to keep an eye on your digital marketing strategy without suffering from information overload, Cyfe could be the one for you.Cyfe marketing dashboard

Now, with Cyfe, ¬†you can have a personalised dashboard showing just those digital marketing and other metrics that you need to keep on top of. No need for multiple log-ins for several different packages, Cyfe can bring it all together into one, (or more if you want), easy-to-view dashboard that gives you all the information you need – and none that you don’t need.

Many people have an interest in their organisation’s digital marketing strategy but just don’t have the time to wade through reams of detailed reports. They want the edited highlights in a format that they can glance at and get up-to-speed with the metrics that matter. The perfect format for this is a dashboard that contains only the metrics that they need – which may differ from the metrics that a co-worker in a different department might need.

What is needed is an easy to use and affordable tool that can provide dashboards tailored to the requirements of individuals in different departments – enter Cyfe, the dashboard tool that is a digital marketers dream. Reports that used to take hours can now be delivered, real-time, on a customised dashboard. I’ve used Cyfe to produce client reports for a while now and I like it a lot.

The reason I’m so enthusiastic about Cyfe is that they have really worked hard to build a lot of integrations with external data sources. You can pull data from many sources by using the pre-configured widgets provided in the system, which include social Media, (Facebook, Twitter etc), SEO, (MOZ). Google Analytics, and many more. There are, for me, still a couple of notable exceptions, SEMrush and Similarweb but that is not a deal breaker. There’s a custom widget builder which can deal with most requirements if there isn’t a standard widget available.

Pricing is simple, it’s a very reasonable $19/month and worth every penny – there’s a free trial as well so why not give it a spin.


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