Tubular – CRM & Sales Pipeline Management

Tubular is a useful and very affordable CRM and pipeline management system that would be at home in almost any type or size of business. True, it might not quite go far enough for some larger or more complex businesses but in the majority of cases I think it would help the team to build a very well structured sales and marketing operation.

A good CRM should be at the heart of every digital marketing strategy and the thing that struck me as being very effective in Tubular is the integration between the CRM, as a record of customers  and prospects, and the management of the various tasks that go into developing a prospect until it becomes a customer and then developing the customer in order to maximise spend.

So, if you were selling conservatories and found a new prospect, the task of visiting the customer and measuring up could be assigned to a team member. When that person completed the task they would update the CRM and the salesperson could see that it was done and escalate to the next level. Perfect.

What’s more, it is all represented in an easy to digest graphical way, as follows:
Tubular.io CRMAs to cost, well Tubular have come up with a innovative way of doing that as well! You can use Tubular for free until you have 10 “deals”, i.e. prospects or customers, and then it’s just $9 per team member thereafter. Sounds pretty reasonable to me – especially compared to some of the other CRMs out there with “per seat” costs running into the hundreds of £/$.


Where To Find It
Product Type
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – up to 10 “deals”
$9/team member per month.


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