Taboola has been named as the world’s largest content discovery platform by market research specialists ComScore who claim that they now have in excess of 640 million users globally.

Like Outbrain, Taboola place content on the websites of publishers who benefit from a share of the click revenue when readers follow the links to recommended content and, in doing so, often visit the website of a potential supplier of goods or services. It’s a variation of Pay Per Click advertising although it does not have the more direct click to sale ratio that PPC ads with Google Adwords, Facebook or Twitter might offer.

When you have content of the highest order then finding a place to share that content and attract traffic with it makes perfect sense and Taboola can certainly help with that. Those website owners without the benefit of great, engaging copy will find it more of a problem though as platforms like Taboola are less likely to be interested in them.





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