TextExpander – Content Creation Tool

TextExpander is a very useful tool for content marketers and others who need to produce quantities of text-based content which comprises, to some extent, of standard text material.

It enables you to gather snippets of information as you come across them, or write them, and put them all into one place so you don’t have to type them over and over. Anything you need to write with accuracy and frequency is there in TextExpander.

TextExpander also enables you to easiliy implement a consistent look and feel to your content across your whole team. If you always describe, for example, your position on refunds using the same words so as to avoid misunderstandings, then TextExpander will enable you to have a standard paragrpaph(s) on the subject that everyone uses.

The same approach can also be used to share messaging, signatures, and product descriptions across your whole organisation.

TextExpander lets you Communicate Smarter
As you build up a library of text snippets, TextExpander become your productivity multiplier with a knowledge base from which you can communicate easily and effectively across all of your devices.

TextExpander “Expands” What You Type
As you work on a piece of context you can quickly insert “snippets” which could be email addresses, signatures, development code, standard letters, images and so on, as you are typing. This could be by using a simple keyboard shortcut, or by adopting customised abbreviations. This not only saves time and effort but cuts out typos and the need to copy/paste.

Your “Second Brain” Kicks Youp Productivity up a Notch
Now you can start to think beyond just simple text blocks.  You can personalise messages that you send frequently with custom fields and automation to make the perfect message every single time.

TextExpander is Consistent, Accurate & Current – Anytime, Any Place
Now you can have all of your snippets readily available on all of your devices which will keep you productive at work, at home, and whilst travelling.

It works with……..

I’ve personally used it with MS Word, Gmail and Google Docs and it works great. If you do any amount of writing with these applications then this could save you hours of work.

There’s a free trial for 30 days and then monthly plans start at $3.33 if you pay annually or $4.16 if you pay monthly.

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Where To Find It
Product Type
Content Marketing Text Editing Tool
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes- 30 days
From $3.33/month


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