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Capzool is a social media content provider which gives you access to a massive library of ready to go social media posts.

Capzool social media posts

Speaking as someone who has written many thousands of social media posts in my time I know that finding something to write about, day after day, can sometimes be a headache. When you factor in the need to keep the content relevant and of good quality in order to engage with those who (hopefully) are reading it, then the headache turns into a full-on migraine and anyone who suffers from those knows that they are very unpleasant.

Capzool have assembled a pretty big team of post writers (over 3000 of them), who write posts on many different subjects, divided into many different categories. So, lets say you are in the Interior Decorating space, you just type in an appropriate keyword/phrase and the suggested posts are presented. They look like this:

Capzool social media content

The posts all come with a royalty free image and the text can be edited to suit your needs – or just use as-is for a quick, quality post. You can use as-is or, to get the best from this kind of content, rewrite it (spin in), preferably manually, to avoid duplicate content issues with google.

There’s more to Capzool than just content though – over 120,000 posts at the time of writing – the system also incudes a post auto-submitter and scheduler which even suggests appropriate posts and posting times for you, how easy is that?

In the unlikely event of you not being able to find what you want in the Capzool ready-written pool of content then you can request custom written posts for your market.

If being active on social media is part of your digital marketing strategy then you really should take a look at Capzool.

I was expecting this kind of service to come in with a hefty price tag but, to my surprise, its actually very affordable, starting at $29/month which includes up to 30 posts. Great value PLUS there’s a 30 day free trial, don’t miss it!

We’ll be doing a full Capzool review soon – watch this space.


Where To Find It
Product Type
Social Media Post Library
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – 30 days
From $29/month.


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