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BrightInfo is a content marketing tool that uses a clever algorithm to create a profile of your site visitor’s behaviour whilst on your site and personalises the content that is recommended to those visitors.

Brightinfo Content Marketing

The process is automatic and very customisable. It makes use of your existing content in order to engage anonymous website visitors and offer them the most relevant content throughout their natural browsing behaviour using a set of dynamic widgets. Done properly, this can dramatically increase engagement and your website’s conversion rate. Improvements of 200% and upwards are commonplace.

The basis of BrightInfo’s proposition is that if you show a website visitor just those elements of your content that are particularly relevant to them, they will engage at a higher level and convert at a higher rate.

As with all content marketing, the secret lies not so much in the content but in showing to to the right people nad in the right places. Once you have a suitable visitor on your website you want to make sure that they see you at your best, using your best content for their needs – Brightinfo will do that and is well worth looking at for that reason.

If content marketing is part of your digital marketing strategy, and these days it pretty much has to be, then a system like Brightinfo could be the thing that makes it all start to work for you.

Unfortunately BrightInfo have chosen to go down the customised pricing route instead of coming clean and telling us what it costs upfront. I don’t understand why people do that anymore. If the price is so complex to work out or volatile and variable then give an example based on an average user. At a few £/$ a month I would consider recommending BrightInfo for SME use but if it turns out to be hundreds or even thousands of £s or $s per month then I wouldn’t – there’s nothing here that can’t be done with carefully set up landing pages, banners and popups and clear and effective website navigation.

They do offer a free trial and we will be doing that soon with a view to conducting a full BrightInfo review so watch this space. In the meantime, why not take the free trial and get the quote – if you feel like sharing that information we’d be pleased to hear from you so that we can help others to decide whether BrightInfo is worth including on their shortlist.


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