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Sniply lets you add a call-to-action to every link you share.

Use Sniply to drive conversions through content curation.

I discovered Sniply some time ago and used it for a campaign I was carrying out for a client. I realised after a few days that Sniply was a powerful yet inexpensive Content Marketing tool that should be considered as part of my Digital Marketing Strategy for that, and other, clients.

sniply content marketing tool

Sniply could be described basically as a Digital Marketing Tool that enables you to place a customised promotional message on top of an item of content, (article, blog etc), that you have found and which you want to share with others.

When a potential customer or follower, clicks on your link to the recommended article or post they will see your message box, called a snip, overlaid onto the piece. Even if the article isn’t one of yours, i.e. it can be from almost anywhere you like, the reader will associate it with you because of the message box, i.e. the snip, that they see when they follow your link.

If someone views your recommended piece of content and then clicks on your link, that is similar to someone clicking on a PPC ad, i.e. they are taken to your website or landing page and Sniply would charge you for a click. However, because they offer a free account, your first 1000 clicks per month are totally free – see pricing below.

If you invest a little in the Pro Plan then the option of retargeting is made available and then your options really start to multiply. Building highly productive customised audiences becomes within reach for even the most modest marketing budget.

Sniply is a little treasure that, if used properly, could generate a steady flow of interested persons to your website and help you to build authority and credibility. I Strongly recommend that you take a look at this content marketing tool.

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