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Kompyte is a set of online tools designed, primarily, to help you to analyse your competitors marketing activities.

We are planning a full Kompyte review in the near future but as they offer a free trial it is worth you taking a look before that.

I was keen to take a look at this platform because, as anyone who has ever worked with me knows, I consider Competitor Analysis to be one of the most important Digital Marketing activities there is. You can be really spot on with your website design, SEO, Content Marketing, Back-links and have a healthy Social Media profile. All great – but if your competitors are even greater – you’re still stuffed! For that reason, tools like Kompyte can be invaluable when you find yourself in a competitive marketplace.

Kompyte is a powerful suite of SEO and analytic tools that is designed to simplify the task of gathering and analysing data about who you are competing with, and how well you are doing it. It comes highly recommended so I thought I’d take a look and there will be a full Kompyte review published in the Digital Marketing Directory very soon.

The emphasis, however, for Kompyte is on Competitor Analysis and they do have a very sensible approach to that topic, which includes a number of services that are not widely available elsewhere. Based on the sample reports they publish,  the platform does seem to produce reports and dashboards that would be very useful at all stages of a campaign and in many aspects of designing your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Kompyte - Track Competitors Analyze Competition

Kompyte – in a nutshell.

Do I recommend it? Well I certainly recommend that you take a look at it, there is a 14 day free trial and that has to be worth a pop. However, when service providers like Kompyte avoid being transparent about their pricing they usually have a reason and that reason is often that the product is overpriced and needs “explanation” or the pricing structure is so complicated that nobody understands it, even them, sometimes.

What little I’ve been able to find out about the Kompyte price structure is that they charge from $22.50 per competitor per month. Since the average number of competitors in one of the competitor landscapes that I produce for my clients is 10 or more, that could get expensive and at that kind of price there are probably better options – take a look at Alexa and SimilarWeb, for example and don’t forget SEMrush and their very good competitor analysis facilities.

Nonetheless, Kompyte does seem to be a product worth a serious look and the 14 day free trial will let you do that without spending any of your hard-earned marketing budget so that’s probably your next step. Let us know what you think.

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