Adbeat is a market leading competitive ad analysis platform. It enables you to instantly uncover any advertiser’s online strategy.

It is a very valuable facility to have at your disposal, the ability to see your competitors ads, learn what’s working for them and to leverage their results to spend smarter on your own campaigns.

There are a number of tools that enable you to do some of this, most notably Hootsuite’s AdEspresso for Facebook ads and Spyfu and Ispionage for Google AdWords but none of them offer anywhere near the level of coverage offered by Adbeat. This is a tool for serious competitor analysis and it comes with a price tag that reflects that. If you need it, it is worth every penny, but the entry-level of $249/month will put it out of reach of many businesses.

Adbeat covers all important display networks. New networks are added regularly. They also have coverage for Direct Buys (ad placements purchased directly from publisher sites that bypass networks and exchanges). It enables you to effortlessly see your competitor’s marketing strategy, discover those high-performing publishers & placements and identify their best converting ad copy, landing pages, and sales funnels. Dynamite!

With Adbeat it is possible to easily identify other advertisers that are relevant to your industry and see their exact ad creatives, landing pages, and overall strategy, thereby enabling you to tailor your own strategy accordingly.

The list of ad publishing platforms covered by Adbeat is along one and it includes all of those that you would expect to be there, including, of course, Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL. It’s real strength, however, lies in the massive database of other publishers for whom Adbeat provides ad-monitoring coverage. You can find the full list on their pricing page, here.

Adbeat competitive ad analysis

In the right hands this is a hugely powerful marketing weapon. Adbeat ensures that you are aware of your competitors ad strategy as it unfolds, notifying you of changes almost as they happen, enabling you to respond accordingly. Professional marketers and agencies will love it, even if they are not so fond of the price. It does a lot so it is fair, of course, that it should cost a lot but it is probably out of reach for many smaller businesses.

There’s no mention of a free trial period I’m afraid, so I haven’t been able to do a full review as yet, but you can request a demo and I’d recommend that you do just that in order to find out whether Adbeat is for you.


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