How to Go Deeper With Keyword Research: Go-to Tools & Techniques

How to Go Deeper With Keyword Research: Go-to Tools & Techniques

See which organic keywords actually drive conversions Replace (not provided) with actual keywords and monitor their specific performance metrics in Google Analytics. Stop flying blind on essential SEO insights. Try For Free→ What do real customers search for? It seems like a straightforward question, right? But once you start […]

What do real customers search for? It seems like a straightforward question, right?

But once you start digging into research and data, things become muddled. A word or phrase might be searched for often, yet that fact alone doesn’t mean those are your customers.

Poweradspy – Improve Your Facebook Ads Campaigns

Poweradspy – Improve Your Facebook Ads Campaigns

PowerAdSpy Can Help to Significanty Improve Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns.

Pay Per Click ads are a cost to any business that uses them and it isn’t always possible to be sure that the money you spend on driving traffic to your website from these ads is money well spent. This is particularly true, in my experience, for Facebook Ads which, unlike Google Search Ads for example, are not keyword driven and therefore more difficult to predict the outcome for.

Maximize your ad spend while significantly lowering your cost of customer acquisition with Poweradspy. It can find hidden niches and lucrative opportunities for you, removing all the hassle of content creation, identifying campaign targets, niche research and other time-consuming activities.

Huge Facebook Ad Database Enables Inspired Facebook Ad Campaign Creation

Use simple search criteria to discover effective advertisements in seconds. this tool enables you to get the inspiration you need for future ad campaigns of your own.

Why FB Ads & Poweradspy

Poweradspy is tdesigned to enable you to run FaceBook and Instagram ads that make you money right from the start of your campaign, cutting out the costly trial and error phase – it’s that simple. Facebook is the world’s largest social network and offers marketers the leading online traffic generation method with its ad platform.

The PowerAdSpy Strategy for Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube Advertising.

Nothing in the world of marketing is constant, marketers have to keep themselves updated with new technology everyday. Technologies are changing upside-down everyday and so are marketing tactics. PowerAdSpy have people all over the world watching ads and submitting the best ads to PowerAdSpy for inclusion on their database of ads. You as a marketer can use these ads based on the niche of your business, now you have the power to create your Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube Ads compared to what your existing competitors are doing.

Enter Your Target audience Filters (Age, Audience, Keywords, competitors), view active & past campaigns, landing pages & results from any advertiser online and then copy & implement the ads that work so you don’t have to waste marketing budget on ads that don’t!

You have full control to enable you to research as many as ads you like, segment the Facebook Ads based on positions as News Feed and Side Location to analyze which performs well in your niche to best conversions.

PowerAdSpy Pricing

There’s a free account option to let you test the PowerAdSpy system for yourself. Paid accounts start at $49/month – see the PowerAdSpy pricing plans here: where you can also open your free account.









Awario – Usable, real-time social insights.

Awario – Usable, real-time social insights.

Non-Stop Social Media Monitoring with Awario.

Awario monitors every corner of the Web for mentions of your keywords or brand in real time, ensuring you are the first to know about the conversations that can impact your business. This enables you to react to these mentions promptly, before anyone else gets the chance. At Awario, we want you to be the first to know when important conversations which are relevant to you or your business occur online. Unlike other monitoring apps that rely on a single third-party data provider, Awario crawls more than 13 billion web pages daily, in addition to accessing the platform’s APIs. So when Awario claim to be the most immediate way to learn about new mentions they really do come up with the goods.

Awario gives you powerful social media analytics.

Awario Social Media Analytics

Now you can track the growth in the number of your mentions and their collective reach as well as being able to sort your mentions by positive, negative, and neutral qualities and with sentiment analysis. You can identify top influencers by social network, compare several alerts with one another and analyse your progress with Awario’s powerful analytics. If you are happy with what you’re seeing, or if you need to take action as a result of an unfavourable comment then you can get a shareable link in a click to give your colleagues and clients immediate access to reports and statistics.

Regular Social Media Summary Delivered By Email

Awario Updates by Email

If you’re too busy to check your Awario account regularly then the system can be set up to deliver an email summary to keep you up-to-date at a glance.

Extra Powerful Searching in case you want to get ultra-specific – introducing Wario’s Boolean Search

If you want much more detasiled results you can easily set up an alert of any complexity and get the most relevant results to your query. Whether you’ve been coding since the age of 10 or never seen a line of code before it  doesn’t matter to Awario. The Boolean search option is easy to use and opens up the prospect of advanced searching for everyone.

You can set up an alert in a couple of clicks and let Awario do the rest, or you can take control for yourself, switch to Boolean search and create your perfect, detailed, customised query from scratch. This is how you get the most precise data for your query.

Awario Pricing

Paid plans start at £29/month or £24 if you pay annually in advance – there’s a useful free trial option to let you decide for yourself whether Awario is a good fit for your business –





Textau – Social Media Marketing Automation

Textau – Social Media Marketing Automation

Textau provides growth automation to scale your business faster

You can use Textau to Generate new leads, contant them quickly and effortlessly, and improve you knowledge of your users.
All the tools you need in one single place.

Automate your lead generation funnel to stay ahead of your competitors

With Textau you an get rid of the manual processes that slow your business growth and, instead, focus your marketing resoures on building relationships.

Your business needs scale

As a growth hacker you are driven by a laser-focused
passion: you want to scale your business and you want
to do it faster.

Manual processes slow you down

But most of your time is wasted figuring out how to get new contacts and reaching out to them manually. It’s a tedious process that drains your energy and creativity and is probably slowing you down.

How many opportunities are you missing?

You’re missing lots of invaluable opportunities for growth by not
automating your lead generation funnel. You need to spend less
time finding your leads and more time talking with them.

Growth can be automated: Textau makes it work

With TexAu you can automate your growth strategy so you can focus on what really matters.

More than 80 ready-to-use
Right now, you can choose between more than
80 automations on 15 different services, with
many more in the works. With these, you can
easily uncover untapped opportunities for
growth for your business.

Create complex automation
workflows in minutes
You can create a complex chain of automations with
our drag-and-drop tool in a matter of minutes.
Workflows allow you to connect different services

Get a 360° view of your
leads and contacts
We have integrations with,
and Fullcontact that will allow you to enrich
data from your users and prospects easily and

Vaizle – Social Media Management & Analytics

Vaizle – Social Media Management & Analytics

Vaizle – Social Media Management & Analytics

Vaizle – Social Media Analytics & Competitor Monitoring 

Vaizle is a Social Media monitoring, analytics and reporting platform that lets you monitor your Social Media performance against that of your competitors. Currently it is restricted to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with YouTube available only on the “Pro” plan costing $169/month. I’m not sure who decided that YouTube was a social media platform but whoever did so was misguided – it isn’t. I would have thought that LinkedIn would have been more important than YouTube, as that really is a social media platform, but there’s no sign of that yet.

Nonetheless, in the sense that a YouTube channel should form part of most businesses’ marketing strategy, the availability of up-to-date metrics for your YouTube channel is welcome

I chanced upon Vaizle on Appsumo where it was on offer for a while. That particular offer is now finished but the platform still merits your attention because, despite its limited scope in terms of supported sites, it does have some very strong features which will prove useful to marketers at all levels.

Vaizle does all the heavy lifting with your social media data and translates it into actionable tips that you can use daily to improve your social media performance. It gives you daily insights across multiple variables in the form of graphs, charts, metrics and daily tips. The real strength of the software lies in its reporting which really sets it apart from other packages in its price band.

Get analysis and interpretation of your social media data with Vaizle

Learn what that data means for your business and how it compares you against your competitors. This is useful stuff and it is presented in easily digestible formats suitable for every level within your organisation.

Vaizle enables you to choose the competitors you want to monitor and perform competitive analysis in a matter of minutes. See which hashtags and what type of posts are working best for your competitors and use the insights to respond quickly with your own social media efforts.

A range of plans to suit all types of organisation.

Vaizle uses a monthly plan model and starts with their entry level plan at $29 which covers Facebook and Instagram. Adding Twitter to the mix would involve moving up to the next level @ $69/month although this also includes other features as well.

Check out Vaizle here: – you will also find the $6.90 offer for 30 days trial on that link.

See other Social Media Marketing tools here:


Where To Find It


Free & Paid Options

Free Trial Available?

No – small charge for first month $6.90


Plans start at $29/month (Essentials).