Hunter – Email Lead Generation, Cold Outreach & Prospecting Tool

Hunter – Email Lead Generation, Cold Outreach & Prospecting Tool

Find the email addresses behind any website with Hunter.

Hunter is a set of platform offering a set of email tools that helps you to find, verify and utilise, or reach out to, email addresses and contacts in any organisation that has a current website.

Hunter Email Finder

Cold outreach is, and always has been, tough. My first task, in my first sales job, many years ago, was to start calling people from a Rolodex card index, starting from the A’s and working through to the Z’s and, once that was done, going through them all again, and again. those people were not expecting a call from me and the success rate was not so good BUT, after hundreds of calls I did make some real progress. It was time-consuming, boring and hard work but ultimately worthwhile as you gradually identified those contacts that were likely to become customers in the future.

It still is, except nowadays the initial contact with a new prospect is more likely to be made by email and finding, and verifying, email addresses for a business is, like the above example, time-consuming and likely to be fraught with problems. This package is designed to help with all that.

That’s why products like Hunter were created and Hunter is a superb product, well worth its subscription cost to any business that needs to find prospects and reach out to them. Many smaller businesses may be able to get by with the free account – see details below.

Hunter contains 4 main tools:

There are four main tools contained within the platform plus a number of other utilities that are designed to make the email marketer’s job much easier.

Domain Search – finds email addresses from any website domain. The Domain Search function is perfect for quickly finding who to contact in a business. In just half a second it lists the email addresses publicly available on the web, with confidence scores, department filters and detailed sources.

Email Finder – all you need to connect with any professional. It puts all Hunter’s data together : email formats, email addresses found on the web, verifications and other signals – to find the right contact information in seconds.

Author Finder – is the bridge between online authors and you. All you need is an article URL. The Hunter Author Finder will find the author and use Hunter’s unique database to enrich it with contact details for the author in question.

Email Verifier – Don’t get email bounces anymore. The Hunter Email Verifier is as complete as possible, with validations made at multiple levels: format, domain information, response of the mail servers and comparison with our unique base of 100+ million professional email addresses. this tool alone could save many wasted hours marketing to tired old databases.

What’s Available in the Hunter API?

Great news for developers – the main services of Hunter are also available directly through their API. You can find the email address of any professional with a simple API call and incorporate it into your own applications.

Hunter Pricing

Hunter offers a completely free account that allows up to 25 searches and 50 email verifications per month. If you outgrow the free account then there are paid plans starting at $49/month. See the full pricing plan structure here:

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There’s also a free Chrome extension available which will find email contact details for any website that you are viewing – very convenient – and a Google Sheets Add-On that lets you find email data from within your Google spreadsheets without having to leave the sheet you are working on. The Add-On is also free of charge and available from the Google Store.

See the full specification of this great tool here and try it for free in your next campaign:  – why not give it a test drive?

Clearout – Email Reputation Management

Clearout – Email Reputation Management

Clearout – Email Reputation Management

Improve & Protect Your E-Mail Sender Reputation with Clearout

Clearout is an email cleaning and maintenance platform, with a Catch-all email verification facility, that enables you to instantly ID catch-all domains to avoid sending to those emails and hurting your IP Reputation.

Clearout provides an Email Validation & Verification Service with 98 %+ Accuracy to help you avoid the honeypots, hard bounces and non-valid emails that can mess with your email deliverability. Now you can validate & clean your email list in real-time.

Clearout also adjusts invalid syntax on your email list to the correct format and eliminates spelling errors and typos in email addresses with auto-suggestions.

Of course, this is a problem that many marketers don’t even realise that they have. You send emails to the contacts on your list and a certain, (often small), proportion of the recipients of those emails will open them and, perhaps, read them. Often, the majority remain unoppened and are deleted. Even more often they will end up in a spam folder, earmarked for auto-deletion.

If you have a reasonable sized mailing list then Clearout can operate in bulk mode.

Bulk email verification enables you to upload the email database & clean up your email list with just a single click. Without any doubt, you will get 98%+ accurate results with detailed stats to let you identify spam traps, hard bounces, soft bounces, disposable, catch-all and lot more. The bulk email list cleaning feature supports batch files in CSV or XLSX format to give you the flexibility you need when running your email campaigns. Also, you can download the verified result along with the original file or by appending the selected field from the Clearout result file.

Clearout lets you take the guesswork out of email marketing and verify the recipient’s email address instantly!

The Clearout instant verification process is a quick way of validating target email addresses in real-time without waiting in the queue. Simply copy and paste the target email addresse(s) directly from your list into Clearly in order to clean them quickly and effortlessly.

If email marketing is an important part of your overall marketing strategy then maintaining your mailing list to this standard is a must. Yes, you can still keep on sending emails to an unchecked list but the open rates, and therefore the conversion rates, will be low and will get lower over time. You wouldn’t keep running your car without periodic maintenance to don’t do it with your mailing list. Give Clearout a try with their free plan – see below.

Clearout pricing plans and costs

There are various paid levels available, all based on the number of email records you need to check but Clearout does offer a free account for you to try it out with a limit of 500 credits, i.e. the ability to check up to 500 target email accounts. They don’t even ask for a credit card when you set up a free account so there really is nothing to lose here.

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Here’s the link for you to give it a try:


Where To Find It


Free & Paid Options

Free Trial Available?



Paid Plans start at $25 for 5000 credits – these never expire.

Kissmetrics – Website Performance Analytics

Kissmetrics – Website Performance Analytics

Kissmetrics describes itself as “The Customer Engagement Automation Platform” and that may be true but, in my opinion, it does little to explain what their product is really all about.

So, it would be reasonable to ask, what is Kissmetrics all about?

Well, there are three main element to the Kissmetrics product offering: Analyse, Populations & Campaigns
Kissmetrics combines behavioural analytics, segmentation and email campaign automation to deeply understand and engage your customers every step of the way.”

My initial conclusion is that the foundation for everything that Kissmetrics does, however, is their extensive and in-depth Analytics capability. The particular focus here is with “behavioural analytics” – in other words, in-depth scrutiny of what it is people do when they visit your website. Every stage of your marketing funnel can be examined and reported upon.

Of course, the inevitable question would be “what does Kissmetrics do that Google Analytics doesn’t?”

That’s a reasonable question, especially bearing in mind that Google Analytics is a totally free of charge solution and, for many organisations the answer would probably be “not much.” The system really seems to come into its own when used as a holistic approach to marketing. You run a campaign, monitor the results with Kissmetrics and then analyse and report on the campaign as it progresses.

One of the concepts you will quickly become familiar with should you choose to use Kissmetrics, is their “populations” functionality. A population is very similar to a cohort in Google Analytics – a group of people who share a common factor. I haven’t yet done the full in-depth Kissmetrics review but I suspect that when I do I will find the Population function performs in greater depth than the Google Cohorts alternative, but let’s wait and see.

Then there is the Campaigns module. Here we see a range of functions that, ostensibly, are similar to those offered by even the most basic email autoresponders. Those requiring more sophisticated email marketing and automation facilities will have already taken up with a product such as Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Clickfunnels or Marketo so I’m not quite sure where Kissmetrics fits into all of that.

None of that is intended to water down what Kissmetrics offers, however. It is clearly a well thought out and proficient product that has been widely adopted by some sizable organisations. As I haven’t reviewed it fully yet my advice is to give it a trial – there’s a free 14 day trial to help facilitate that.

The costs are fairly substantial here so you’d have to be very sure that Kissmetrics will deliver everything you need and the free trial will clearly be useful in establishing that. There’s also the option of discussing your requirements with their consultants and having a guided demo. In terms of pricing, the entry level plan is $500/month, less 20% if you pay annually in advance.


Where To Find It
Product Type
Analytics & Campaign Automation
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – 14 days
Entry level $500/month less 20% if you pay annually.

ConvertKit – Email Marketing For Bloggers

ConvertKit – Email Marketing For Bloggers

ConvertKit is an email marketing platform that has built its reputation as being the go-to email provider for professional bloggers.

One of the claims made by ConvertKit on their website is that their product has “The power of Infusionsoft, but easier to use than MailChimp.” That’s a bold claim because Infusionsoft is very powerful indeed and is the email automation “engine” that sits behind many high-powered and often complex email marketing campaigns.

So, is it true? How Powerful is ConvertKit

Well, the thing that makes Infusionsoft so powerful is its campaign builder. Drag and drop flowchart or workflow based schematic campaign building that can deal with almost any kind of email marketing automation rules. Does ConvertKit have that – no. However, it does have a rules-based automation system which is, in itself, powerful and effective. The main selling point is that their system gives you all the power of systems like Infusionsoft but is simpler to use.

ConvertKit Email Marketing

When this happens – do that. Rule based email automation.

ConvertKit isn’t just about email marketing and automation though. There are lots of other features that will make it attractive not only to bloggers, at whom it is primarily aimed, but also to  a wider spectrum of internet publishers. These include Form Building, a Landing Page Builder, a Book Marketing tool and a wide range of pre-built integrations.

Integrations are a vital part of a system like this and all the names you’d expect to see are there including e-commerce providers like Shopify and Woocommerce, lead capture services like Unbounce and Leadpages and membership system such as Member Mouse and Rainmaker. Other services can be integrated using zapier for which there is also support.

My personal take on this is that ConvertKit provides the facilities and resources that email marketers, and of course bloggers, need but in a more accessible and easy-to-use way than Infusionsoft and some of the higher-end packages like Marketo and Hubspot. It’s also significantly cheaper – at least for those with modest numbers of contacts on their list.

ConvertKit Pricing

The entry level plan starts at $29/month and gives you storage for up to 1000 contacts. You can send unlimited emails to your contacts on any of their plans – even the cheapest. The price does rise as the size of your mailing list increases but that is pretty much standard practice and even if you reach the dizzying heights of a 5K opted-in list you’ll only pay $79/month. Beyond that, however, the price is not published and, in reality, most email marketers need to have lists that are substantially bigger than 5K contacts so if you have, or intend to have, a really large list it would be best to get a quote first.

We haven’t carried out a full-feature ConvertKit review yet but plan to do so – see the review button on the right for updates on that.


Where To Find It
Product Type
Email automation platform
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Entry level plan $29/month for up to 1000 contacts.

Kahuna Marketing Automation Platform

Kahuna targets medium and larger corporate organisations with sophisticated cross-channel marketing automation facilitating 1to1 personalisation across marketing channels including email, web, mobile devices, Facebook retargeting, and text messaging.

Kahuna Marketing Automation

A look at their current and previous client list willprobably give you a reasonable idea as to the type of client they typically work with and includes the likes of Dollar Shave Club which was recently sold to Uniliver for $1 Billion. That doesn’t mean, of course, that the product wouldn’t be suitable for more modest organisations. Unfortunately Kahuna are one of those rather annoying examples of a supplier who do not publish their pricing on their website so I have been unable to establish whether their product is likely to be affordable or cost effective for smaller businesses.

What makes Kahuna different to many of the other marketing automation platforms to which it may be compared, is the way that it uses contact and behaviour to determine which marketing activities are used, and when. Kahuna listens to consumer signals in real time unifying consumer behavior data across mobile, web, and connected devices. Customer and contact data can be segmented acording to behavioral, demographic, and lifecycle criteria and used in a variety of campaign types including; triggered (based on user or external events), conversion, lifecycle-type drip marketing, as well as consumer journey campaigns. Messages can be dynamically personalised according to user data.

Kahuna worked out that today’s consumer doesn’t want lots of noisy, irrelevant messages. They have much more sophisticated expectations regarding how well a brand should understand them. These consumers are receptive to messages that spark their curiosity and take account of their individual preferences and desires.

They have stated their mission to be, quite simply, “to replace manual guesswork with automated decision-making, helping marketers send fewer messages but with incredible accuracy and as a result, thoroughly delight their consumers during every interaction”.

Kahuna claims to be the only marketing automation platform that has been designed from the start in order to genuinely understand the consumer and the way in which they want to engage with the brands they admire or wish to be associated with.

Kahuna’s dealings with Dollar Shave club and other well-known brands including GoPro, Hotel Tonight, Yahoo! Fantasy Sports,, Yummly and others speaks volumes. Their’s is an interesting and novel approach and if you are looking to install a top end marketing automation solution they should probably be on your shortlist but you will have to contact them and get the demo before you are likely to be able to make any kind of decision or gain an idea of the likely costs.


Where To Find It
Product Type
AI Based Marketing Automation
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Not Published

We have not yet carried out a full review of this product – please check back later.