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Arguably, there are two major players in the Backlink Management space – Majestic and Ahrefs.

You will find the Internet littered with fans of one or the other, sometimes both! To most people there seems to be very little to choose between the two but Majestic, with their Majestic Backlink Management tools are undoubtedly a major player in this field and it is their product that we are looking at here.

With Majestic, backlink management becomes a much easier task than it would be if you were relying on other services that do not have such an extensive link database. They claim,quite openly on their website, to have the largest backlink database in the world and I have no grounds or evidence for arguing with that. In every test I’ve ever done, Majestic have found more links for any given site than any other platform, by a long way!

Majestic Backlink Management

Majestic Backlink Management Tools

Apart from the comprehensive nature of their database, the other reason why you may want to cosider taking out a subscription with Majestic is the range of Majestic backlink management tools and reports that they offer. They really do make in-depth backlink management a lot easier than it otherwise is. Some of the tools offered include:

Majestic Site Explorer

This enables you to analyse a domain or url in great detail.

Majestic Compare Tool

This site comparator tool Lets you compare headline statistics for up to five domains. Ideal for competitive analysis.

Majestic URL Submitter

If you come across a URL that is not in Majestic’s backlink database then this tool enables you to submit it for inclusion by their crawlers.


Majestic backlink management is a paid-for tool that offers great value for money – if you need it, and not everyone does. If all you want to do is make sure that you are not being badly treated by Google as a result of some link-building activity in the past, or maybe you are being linked to by unwelcome site owners that you have little or no knowledge of, the best way to check that is to use your Google Search console and check for “manual actions.” If Google are at all concerned they will tell you so.

The good news is that Majestic do allow you to use some of their tools, on a site that you own, for free. Anything more will require a “Lite” plan or higher.

Here’s where I get a bit cross with Majestic. If you pay monthly the cost of the Lite plan is £64.99 but if you can stump up for 3 months in advance it goes down to £39.99 per month. This is punitive and Majestic don’t look good by taking that kind of heavy handed apporach to small businesses who need to use their budgets wisely.

So, in view of that, I’d have to say Majestic is a great product that appears to be produced by a company run by accountants – bye-bye innovation and creativity, hello balance sheet and, as far as SMEs are concerned, there’s better value for money out there. If, on the other hand you can afford their unreasonable terms then do it, I’m not saying it isn’t worth what they charge I just disagree with people punishing small and start up businesses with tight budgets who need to pay monthly.


Where To Find It
Product Type
Backlink Management
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – limited option free account
From £39.99/month if you pay quarterly.


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