Oribi – Taking Analytics to a New Level


Oribi is an advanced analytics toolset that gives a more detailed view of your website’s performance than can be achieved with free tools like Google Analytics but it does so in a way that does not require delvelopers and is suprisingly easy to use. The results can be presented in a concise, easy to read way, which makes the data attractive and accessible to those who would not be willing or able to navigate Google Analytics in order to find what they needed to know.

There are now so many ways in which you can spend your marketing budget and resources, often without a clear idea as to how well they are performing and Oribi has been developed to help deal with that problem. Yes, Google Analytics is free of charge and it goes some way towards achieving the goal of effectively marketing your site but, as much as I love it, sometimes it doesn’t go far enough. Sometimes you need more than Google Analytics can offer.

Enter Oribi to help you to identify the marketing channels that acquire the most engaged prospects and which will ultimately result in more conversions.

Oribi Makes Marketing Data Accessible

Finding actionable insights in Google Analytics isn’t an easy task. It was built for analytics experts with plenty of time and technical resources and it can, if used by such people, produce results that are useful and valuable. Unfortunately, most business people do not have those skills or resources and would have to hire them in. With Oribi that would not be necessary.

Oribi is a tool that helps you take the right data from your site and turn it into smart business decisions.


With Oribi you will be able to:

  • Evaluate how each marketing channel contributes to your goals
  • Stay on top of new referrers and spot opportunities
  • Track and compare multiple campaigns by their UTM tags

So why should you spend your budget on software like Oribi when Google Analytics is, for the most part, free of charge? Good question. The answer depends on your circumstances and it is certainly not the case that Oribi is suitable or necessary for every business but, if you need what it has to offer, cost becomes less important.

Oribi Pricing Plans

Changing from Google Analytics, which is free, to Oribi, which is not, is lekly to be a significant investment for many people. There is a free trial available, here’s the link: https://oribi.io/signup

Paid plans vary accoring to the size and scale of the user – there is a special plan for marketing agencies – and start from $350/month for up to 10K site visitors. You can save by paying annually.

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